This is me

developer, musician & writer

Hello World!

Born in Mazuria, Poland. Started coding at the age of 9. Ambitious and passionate programmer, guitar player and sometimes writer.

My name is Filip Piechowski and this website is a humble showcase of what my life is. My richest sphere of interests is software development. I educate in programming in the family of Java technologies and I’m truly impressed by the potential of mobile and web applications in our lives. This is my way to have an impact on this world I was born in.

Besides, I am hobbyist guitar player and writer though I haven’t composed or written anything in a long time. Nevertheless, I still find it enjoyable and satisfying, so I get back to the pen and the instrument from time to time.

Skeptical and controversial in his opinions, but usually very smiled and positive person.

Discover my world, I encourage you.

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